2020 should be the year of the non-flying academic

2020 should be the year of the non-flying academic

Science should play an exemplary role in society. Post-doc Cody Hochstenbach from UvA about why 2020 should be the year of the non-flying academic.

And here are some additional sources to become a non-flying academic yourself:

The Utrecht University has developed a map to indicate which destinations are perfect for train travel, and for which destinations taking a plane might be the better alternative: Utrecht University trainzone map.

The website Ecopassenger helps you to calculate the emissions of your trip and compares the emissions for different vehicles. You can find Ecopassenger here: Ecopassenger.

The webiste Green Tickets not only helps you in comparing the carbon emissions of different modes of travel, but also shows you directly where you can book your ticket, plus the estimated price and duration of the trip. This way, you can find your own balance between time, price and climate: Greentickets to plan your travels. 

Please note that we are not sponsored by any of these companies. We show these sources to support anyone who wants to travel ‘greener’.

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